BlockStarPlanet is a 2D, Adventure, Action, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed and published by Movie Star Planet ApS

BlockStarPlanet Games Description

BlockStarPlanet is a 2D, Adventure, Action, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed and published by Movie Star Planet ApS. In this game, you can create several types of block games with the help of your friends and also be able to compete with them. Millions of built-in games are already available on this platform, from where you may select and start playing with hundreds of available online players. Try to build your own identity by entering your name and becoming a famous player by achieving goals and overcoming challenges.

This game offers you several functions, and one of the best functions is that you can communicate with your opponent with the help of textual messages and make a proper plan or strategy to play the game more efficiently. The fundamental features of the game are Unique Block Star, Awesome Worlds, Wonderful Creations, Remix of Your Own Block Star, and Communication Facilities.

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