Bus Simulator 3D

Bus Simulator 3D is a Driving Simulation created and published by Ovidiu Pop for Android and iOS

Bus Simulator 3D Games Description

Bus Simulator 3D is a Driving Simulation created and published by Ovidiu Pop for Android and iOS. The game offers a huge environment where it takes place and offers you an opportunity to become a bus driver and experience the realistic driving skills in the breathtaking environment. It comes with online ranking and achievements features where you must raise up to level, score the best points by accomplishing objectives and compete against other players across the world on an online leaderboard. The world consists of multiple types of locations including countryside, desert, city, snow, and more. There are lots buses available with realistic and physics elements. During exploration, you will face traffic car system and can challenge your fellows with online feature. Bus Simulator 3D includes prominent features such as Realistic Bus Physics, Traffic Car System, Multiple Locations, different Controls, Smooth Graphics, Challenge your Friends, and more. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and original sounds, Bus Simulator 3D is the best game to play.

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Bus Simulator 3D

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