CROSS×BEATS is a Free-to-Play, Arcade, Music, Rhythm, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed and published by Capcom

CROSS×BEATS Games Description

CROSS×BEATS is a Free-to-Play, Arcade, Music, Rhythm, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed and published by Capcom. The videogame will be played with sounds that emerge upon this touchscreen in sync with the soundtrack. Every song includes two vertical streaks extending to the display’s borders, as well as two indicators pointing inside the direction of the chord. The player should touch the key using his fingertip whenever the bullets strike it to accumulate rewards.

The player is given a set of tokens for playing several songs, and each piece needs a minimum of 5 tickets to be played. The videogame is played with chords that emerge just on a monitor in synchronization with the melody. Every pitch includes two horizontal columns extending to the display’s boundaries, as well as two symbols pointing throughout the direction of the song. The main features of the game are Free-to-Play, Aimed Card, Credits, Notably Songs, Anti-Frustrating Environment, and Chromatic Arrangement.

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