Fruit Fever World

Fruit Fever World focuses on Tilt-Matching gameplay available to play on the social platform Facebook

Fruit Fever World Games Description

Fruit Fever World focuses on Tilt-Matching gameplay available to play on the social platform Facebook. The game offers an addictive gameplay and lets the player polish his matching skills and dive into the game where he can engage in juicy gameplay. The goal of the player is to match three or more items his way to smash to fruits and score the points. There are a series of levels and each level offers a challenging gameplay. At the beginning of the game, the game starts with less difficulty and lets the player to earn points by matching as many fruits of same color as possible. As the player advances it become difficult to play. During the gameplay, the player obtain multiple power-ups which can be used to boost up the matching speed. The player has limited moves, in which he must fulfill the objectives to move to the next level. The job of the player is to earn as many points as possible and challenge his friends to beat the record. Fruit Fever World includes prominent features such as Match-3 Gameplay, several Levels, Unique Power-ups, and more.

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Fruit Fever World

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