Idle Research

Idle Research is a Free-to-Play, 2D, Crafting, Economy, Simulation, Strategy, and Single-Player game developed and published by CryptoGround Games LLC

Idle Research Games Description

Idle Research is a Free-to-Play, 2D, Crafting, Economy, Simulation, Strategy, and Single-Player game developed and published by CryptoGround Games LLC. It is a very addicting resource management and incremental game that can be played in both an idle and an active mode. Flasks, Tubes, and Cylinders are among the things that may be researched and crafted to gain as much of the three forms of energy as possible. The game may be played anywhere and anytime. There is no requirement for an online connection or continual attention.

It supports a variety of platforms, including mobile and web versions. Create studied products that will provide you with even more energy and may be utilized in a variety of ways throughout the game, such as in combat. With the 41 various types of Accelerators available, you may use your Energy to accelerate your development. Use your Mystical Flasks to purchase upgrades from a diverse variety of options available in the Mastery Tree. The game has many fundamental and significant features for players, such as Text-Based, 27 Different and Colorful Vital Items, Various Accelerators, etc.

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Idle Research
Idle Research
Idle Research
Idle Research

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