Super Phantom Cat 2

Super Phantom Cat 2 offered by Veewo Games is an Adventure, Puzzle, Side-scroll and Platform video game for Android and iOS
Super Phantom Cat 2

Super Phantom Cat 2 Games Description

Super Phantom Cat 2 offered by Veewo Games is an Adventure, Puzzle, Side-scroll and Platform video game for Android and iOS. It takes place in the Phantom World and offers retro-inspired 2D gameplay and puts the player on an epic adventure through a variety of levels. It has an exciting story, in which when the protagonist was a small child, he was rescued by a superhero named as Phantom Cat, who then become his or her favorite hero. After many years, the flash cat takes the protagonist (Chemist White) on an epic journey to the fantasy Phantom World. The protagonist finds that after collecting data shards he gain ability to transform into numerous characters similar to Phantom Cat. The world is full of adventures, challenges and puzzles that will make the platforming loves jump for joy. Super Phantom Cat 2 includes core features such as Bonus Levels, Unlockable Characters, Chiptune Soundtracks, Customization, and more. Super Phantom Cat 2 is the best game to play and enjoy.

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Super Phantom Cat 2

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