SuperPower Chess

SuperPower Chess is a 3D, Single and Multiplayer Board Game developed and published by SuperPower
SuperPower Chess

SuperPower Chess Games Description

SuperPower Chess is a 3D, Single and Multiplayer Board Game developed and published by SuperPower. The game offers a classic gameplay like other chess games and lets the player select his side and start playing a match against his opponent. The game is played on a square board, the makeup of up to sixty-four squares, consisting eight squares on each side. Each player in the match will start with sixteen pieces containing eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rock, one queen and one king. The player has to make a strategy to progress through the game and struggle to take down his competitors within time. The game is a mix of turn-based and puzzle elements and allows the player to use his wits and win the match. The primary objective of the player is to struggle and checkmate the opponent’s king. SuperPower Chess offers core features such as different Themes, 3D Visual details, Sound Details, and more. Try it out.

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SuperPower Chess

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