Ultimate Cat Simulator

Ultimate Cat Simulator is an Adventure, Exploration, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Gluten Free Games LLC for Android and iOS

Ultimate Cat Simulator Games Description

Ultimate Cat Simulator is an Adventure, Exploration, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Gluten Free Games LLC for Android and iOS. The game takes place in the 3D environment, and it provides the player with an opportunity to become a cat and explore the world from the perspective of a kitty. It enables the player to pounce into the new adventure as a cat with an aim to hunt down food and locate the place in a huge world. During the gameplay, the player needs to survive on the streets of the busy city and get adopted and struggle to become a house cat to raise the family as the player experience the thrilling life of a cat. While exploring the streets and the forests, the player needs to maintain his health, thirst, hunger, and energy. The game lets players test their skills against exciting boss fights. Using the customization feature, the player can modify his cat, his name, appearance, skills, and other attributes to complement his pack members to become powerful. Ultimate Cat Simulator includes prominent features such as Level up the Kitty, Raise the Kittens, Customization, Create a Pack, Dangerous Boss Battles, and more. Try it out, if you love cats.

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Ultimate Cat Simulator

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