Fruit Tower jump

Fruit Tower jump is an Adventure, Arcade, Casual, and Single-player video game developed and published by Tran Gumret

Fruit Tower jump Games Description

Fruit Tower jump is an Adventure, Arcade, Casual, and Single-player video game developed and published by Tran Gumret. During the main theme, the player will find the same bouncing ball scenario but with a new idea of blocks and towers. Moreover, the player must be there with active eyesight and taping speed as a right hand-eye combination is important to control the ball through spiral towers.

The helix platform consists of many types of fruit, and the player can collect more jewels to unlock other beautiful fruits. Before making a move, the player must think critically and move faster through the tower road. Along the way, the player is required to avoid the odd color spots and let the ball pass to the end of the tower in less possible time. The game has many different features such as Different Backgrounds, Unique Bouncing Balls, One Finger Control Scheme, and Offline Accessibility.

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Fruit Tower jump
Fruit Tower jump
Fruit Tower jump
Fruit Tower jump

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