Water Womb World

Water Womb World is a Casual, Exploration, Horror, Point and Click, and Single-Player game developed and published by Yames

Water Womb World Games Description

Water Womb World is a Casual, Exploration, Horror, Point and Click, and Single-Player game developed and published by Yames. Following the nameless protagonist, a Catholic researcher researching the ocean below in quest of proof of the point at which humanity fell from grace, the game is set in the present day. To obtain evidence of what he thinks to be the truth about humanity’s beginning, he will have to go to the deepest regions of the ocean in order to do so.

He believes that humanity did not originate on land in Eden but rather deep below the ocean’s darkest reaches. It seems to be a cross between a robed bishop and a huge squid, and it approaches the protagonist outside his spacecraft when his lights go out for the first time, inviting him to join God in full flesh in the womb of origin. The game has core features for players, such as Complex Game Interface, Submarine, Catholicism-Themed, and many more.

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Water Womb World
Water Womb World
Water Womb World
Water Womb World

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