99 Spirits

99 Spirits is a 2D RPG, Anime, Visual Novel, Adventure, Puzzle, Fantasy, Exploration, and Single-Player game developed by TORaIKI and published by Fruitbat Factory

99 Spirits Games Description

99 Spirits is a 2D RPG, Anime, Visual Novel, Adventure, Puzzle, Fantasy, Exploration, and Single-Player game developed by TORaIKI and published by Fruitbat Factory. It is a story-based game that revolves around the famous Japanese culture. The game’s story is unique as there is a town where objects live on every 100th birthday. There is a girl who lives in the capital of the city in Japan. One day her mother is murdered by the evil spirits, and from that day, her life is destroyed.

Now, she wants to take revenge for her mother’s murder from the evil spirits, and you will help her accomplish this task. As she walks toward the evils house, she meets with a fox who gives her a mysterious magical sword from her mother. This sword can watch the spirits at night. The prominent features of the game are Unique Battle System, Several Enemies or Puzzles, Detailed Art, Atmospheric Soundtrack, Multiple Endings, Dual Audio, and Simple Controls.

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99 Spirits
99 Spirits
99 Spirits
99 Spirits

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