Crazy Gravity

Crazy gravity is a 2D, Action, Adventure, Arcade, Casual, Difficult, Exploration, Point and Click, Investigation, Puzzle, Indie, Side Scroller, and Single video game

Crazy Gravity Games Description

Crazy gravity is a 2D, Action, Adventure, Arcade, Casual, Difficult, Exploration, Point and Click, Investigation, Puzzle, Indie, Side Scroller, and Single video game. It was developed and published by JM Neto Game Dev. This challenging puzzle gameplay is about an astronaut who is lost in space, so the player character has to help the astronaut to energize the rocket and go home. The player has to complete the challenging stages to get a high score by running, jumping, and hiding the cube.

The player can experience the dangerous enemies and hard obstacles in the path for energizing the rocket. This episodic gameplay includes 30 unique handcrafted challenging stages, and each stage includes different tasks. The player can unlock more stages by completing the previous one. The core features of Crazy Gravity are Relaxing Soundtracks, Challenging Achievements, 30 Unique Hand Drawn Levels, and Cartoonized Graphics.

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Crazy Gravity
Crazy Gravity
Crazy Gravity
Crazy Gravity

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