Disney Guilty Party

Disney Guilty Party is a 3D, Casual, Detective, Mystery, Minigame, Party, and Multiplayer game developed by Wideload Games and published by Disney Interactive Studios

Disney Guilty Party Games Description

Disney Guilty Party is a 3D, Casual, Detective, Mystery, Minigame, Party, and Multiplayer game developed by Wideload Games and published by Disney Interactive Studios. Exclusive to the Wii, Disney Guilty Party is an amusing and enjoyable mystery party game. Using the sleuthing skills of the world-famous dickens detective agency, friends and relatives investigate a string of crimes in order to uncover the perpetrator.

Mr. Valentine, the commodore’s archenemy and master crook, is aware that the Commodore is winding down his career. The dickens detective agency is on the case to halt Valentine’s final crime spree. In order to identify the Guilty Party and eventually bring Valentine to justice for kidnapping the Commodore’s wife, the investigators must go through the evidence and testimonies of the suspects. The game has core and fundamental features for all players, such as Pleasant Background Music, Interactive Gameplay Interface, Card Game, Puzzles, and many more.

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Disney Guilty Party
Disney Guilty Party
Disney Guilty Party
Disney Guilty Party

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