Enemy On Board

Enemy On Board is a 3D, Action, Adventure, Co-op, Horror, Survival, Sci-fi, Team-Based, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Windwalk Games

Enemy On Board Games Description

Enemy On Board is a 3D, Action, Adventure, Co-op, Horror, Survival, Sci-fi, Team-Based, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Windwalk Games. In this gameplay, there are two aliens in the crew of 9 different characters. The main goal of the player is to hunt the aliens from the crew and shoot them. The aliens are strong and wreak havoc that they will kill the characters of the crew before the player has to find these two aliens and kill them to save the life of the crew.

This episodic gameplay includes many challenging stages and each stage is embedded with unique features and rewards. The player has to adopt special skills of dodging so that the aliens will not know about this attack. The core features packed in this contest are Evolution Points, Real-Time Action Combat, Deep Progression Systems, and Ongoing Journey.

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Enemy On Board
Enemy On Board
Enemy On Board
Enemy On Board

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