Island SAGA

Island SAGA is a 2D, Anime, RPG, Adventure, and Single-Player game developed by Kamichichi and published by Reamtairy

Island SAGA Games Description

Island SAGA is a 2D, Anime, RPG, Adventure, and Single-Player game developed by Kamichichi and published by Reamtairy. In this game, you take the role of the main character and explore the whole island full of adventures. You can add your four companions to discover and loot treasures across the island. All your companions have weapons that they use against opponents or enemies found across their way.

This may help you and your companions to get more abilities and in learning new skills. Several types of weapons are available to play, each with its magical powers. Try to kill all the opponents with the help of combat attacks and gather all the loot of treasures to unlock more stages or upgrade your companions. The fundamental features of the game are Multiple Big plots, Battle Lines, Randomized Loot, Several Quests, Scattered Petals, Six Weapons Art types, and Simple Game Controls.

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Island SAGA
Island SAGA
Island SAGA
Island SAGA

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