Project Mikhail

Project Mikhail is an Anime, Action, Fighting, RPG, Simulation, Early Access, Hack & Slash, PvE, PvP, and the single-Player game developed and published by aNCHOR Inc

Project Mikhail Games Description

Project Mikhail is an Anime, Action, Fighting, RPG, Simulation, Early Access, Hack & Slash, PvE, PvP, and the single-Player game developed and published by aNCHOR Inc. in this game; you have to control a robotic character and fight against the enemy’s robots by using several techniques or weapons. The game has a story mode, which takes players into a whole different world where they can make choices and select the gameplay of their choice.

Every robot has its unique powers or abilities with which you may fight and create your designs to save the earth from enemies. A map is also available that displays the area or enemies, which may help you move or target enemies easily. The Key Features of the game are Story Modes, Tactical Surface Fighters, Shared worlds, Voice Chats, Various Factions, Deep Secrets, Power-Ups, and Simple Game Mechanics.

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Project Mikhail
Project Mikhail
Project Mikhail
Project Mikhail

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