Proud Father

Proud Father is an Adventure, Simulation, Visual Novel, Anime, and Single-player video game developed and published by Westy

Proud Father Games Description

Proud Father is an Adventure, Simulation, Visual Novel, Anime, and Single-player video game developed and published by Westy. During the gameplay, the player serves his role as a father who has four daughters, and the responsibility of growing them up is upon his shoulders. It is a real test where the player has to prove himself and must alter the fortune of his beloved daughters. The game has multiple stories where things can be changed via dialogues. Multiple events will occur unexpectedly, and the player should handle all the events intelligently to overcome any future issues. Moreover, the player can customize the ladies with different accessories and offer them brilliant looks. The player can converse with them at different places such as at the dining table, in the drawing-room, or in the living room as well. While making a choice, the player should keep one thing in mind that a wrong decision can be the ending decision for the career of the girls.

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Proud Father
Proud Father
Proud Father
Proud Father
Proud Father

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