Quin is a 3D, Action, Board Game, Card, Turn-Based Tactics, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Brian Rooney and published by Arch and Gravity

Quin Games Description

Quin is a 3D, Action, Board Game, Card, Turn-Based Tactics, Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Brian Rooney and published by Arch and Gravity. In this gameplay, the player has to control the variety of quark particles and each quark contains 17 challenging stages. The 17 stages are based on 9 various types and each type is based on various different features including speed, power, and capture abilities. The magnetic Quin board is based on the traditional grid and each grid is covered with a black hole.

The player has to adopt special skills and tactics for making five moves towards the center. In this contest, players do not have to take the same moves twice on the same path towards the center. The player has to remember following things that they look for the time and beware of shadows. The core features packed in this gameplay are 5 Sight Lines, Traditional Grid, Strategy Play, and Multiplayer Tournament.

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