Worlds of Magic

Worlds of Magic is an Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Fantasy, Turn-Based, and Single-Player game developed and published by Wastelands Interactive

Worlds of Magic Games Description

Worlds of Magic is an Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Fantasy, Turn-Based, and Single-Player game developed and published by Wastelands Interactive. In this game, you have to discover and conquer large landscapes with the help of mysterious powers and by overcoming riddles or challenges. You have to build your army and lead all the soldiers so that they do not even think about defeat.

Customize your character and pick up equipment that may help you in wars. After completion of each mission, you will be rewarded with treasures this may help you to unlock more gear and upgrading of weapons. Try to overcome challenges and riddles efficiently and not escape from the battleground. Uncover the mysteries of landscapes and utilize your magical powers appropriately. Worlds of Magic has prominent features such as Tactical battles, various Equipment, Powerful Weapons, Dangerous Enemies, Artifacts, and Simple Game Controls.

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Worlds of Magic
Worlds of Magic
Worlds of Magic
Worlds of Magic

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