Zombie Derby

Zombie Derby is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, Racing, and Single-player video game developed by Hero Craft Labs

Zombie Derby Games Description

Zombie Derby is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, Racing, and Single-player video game developed by Hero Craft Labs. During the gameplay, the player, while riding a car, has to reach the maximum speed and hit the zombies to escape with safe hands. The game has offered almost six cars to give the player an edge for the final fort, and each car is highly progressive.

Moreover, each vehicle is customizable with in-game equipment that may include bumpers, improved tires, high-rated engines, and enhanced ammo. Similarly, each of the cars has two important parameters, such as fuel and nitro, that must be balanced. Well-designed controls, quality-based visuals, and an addictive scenario give this title an edge for game lovers. The game has a simple controlling scheme with a joystick and an acceleration meter located at the bottom to speed up/move the car accordingly. Moreover, the tracks also contain small jumps that will cause the car to fly through the air.

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Zombie Derby
Zombie Derby
Zombie Derby
Zombie Derby

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