Blocy Puzzle

Blocy Puzzle is a block puzzle game developed by WEEGOON

Blocy Puzzle Games Description

Blocy Puzzle is a block puzzle game developed by WEEGOON. It was released on iOS and Android platforms in 2020. The game's objective is to fill the board with different-shaped blocks, and players need to think strategically to solve the puzzles.

According to player reviews, Blocy Puzzle is an addictive and challenging game. The game's minimalist graphics and calming background music create a relaxing atmosphere, making it a great game to play when you need to de-stress. The game's difficulty level gradually increases, and players need to use their problem-solving skills to complete the puzzles.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Blocy Puzzle uses a simple drag and drop system, making it easy to play for all ages. The game features over 1000 levels, providing players with hours of entertainment.

Blocy Puzzle is a great game for puzzle game enthusiasts. Its minimalist graphics, calming music, and challenging gameplay make it a game worth trying.

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Blocy Puzzle
Blocy Puzzle
Blocy Puzzle
Blocy Puzzle

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