Kitty Cat Clicker

Kitty Cat Clicker is a free-to-play Idle Clicker game for all the cat lovers out there around the globe
Kitty Cat Clicker

Kitty Cat Clicker Games Description

Kitty Cat Clicker is a free-to-play Idle Clicker game for all the cat lovers out there around the globe. You can play this game on you iOS devices and enjoy the amazingly addictive game-play. The only objective of the game is to feed the hungry Cat Queen and to feed her you’ll need to hire a lot of cute cats. With the help of the cats, if you are able to feed the Cat Queen to the fullest, you’ll get amazing prizes and upgrades from the Royal Treasury. Kitty Cat Clicker allows you to play the game via taping on your screen, target the food falling from the sky. Every tap on the falling food awards you with the game score and the food directly goes to the Hungry Cat Queen. You can keep on playing and get the upgrades with some special skills and cats who can fly on your screen and provide you with a huge amount of bells. Other great features of the game include, Easy touch and tilt controls, super best graphics and easy user interface etc.

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Kitty Cat Clicker

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