Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form

Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form is an Action, Anime, Combat, Fast-Paced, Turn-Based, Strategy, and Multiplayer game developed and published by Liang Lijie

Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form Games Description

Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form is an Action, Anime, Combat, Fast-Paced, Turn-Based, Strategy, and Multiplayer game developed and published by Liang Lijie. It’s a third-person arena shooter where you pick a character and try to beat everyone. With Story, VS, and Survival modes, Network Play for up to four players, and Mission Mode, particular prerequisites are needed to complete missions based on one’s grade. Everyone has basic attacks, defense, and sprint.

Aside from these real talents, each character has their special attacks, which vary substantially. The battleground is in the airspace above a map. For example, big structures or geological formations can provide shelter and impediments in some regions. The characters all employ the same control technique, including charging attacks. The game has many significant and amazing features for players, such as Complex Gameplay Interface, Special Powers, Different Weapons, and many more.

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Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form
Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form
Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form
Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form

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