Magicmaker is the perfect mix of Action Role-playing, Adventure, and Dungeon Crawling elements developed and published by Tasty Stewdios LLC

Magicmaker Games Description

Magicmaker is the perfect mix of Action Role-playing, Adventure, and Dungeon Crawling elements developed and published by Tasty Stewdios LLC. The game revolves around crafting-focused platform video game where the player can act as the wizard. It uses the spellcrafting system that can make anything, and the player can shoot poisonous lasers, throwing freezing balls, and more. The game is set in the stunning world, and the player can explore it from a side-scroll perspective. During the gameplay, the player will find different materials and each material has a specific effect such lifesteal, lighting stuff on fire, or bouncing off walls. The player can combine different materials to make spells and robes. There are many levels, and each level requires the completion of specific objectives. Magicmaker includes prominent features such as Charming Art, Procedurally Generated Levels, Customization, Equip individual Artifacts, Robecrafting System, and more. With engaging gameplay, brilliant graphics, and cool controls, Magicmaker is the best to play.

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