MiniGolf Mania

MiniGolf Mania is an Exciting Golf Simulation developed by Road Turtle Games and published by Axis Games

MiniGolf Mania Games Description

MiniGolf Mania is an Exciting Golf Simulation developed by Road Turtle Games and published by Axis Games. The game supports Single and Multiplayer modes and takes place in the beautiful world. The player can play solo in Single-player mode or up to four friends in Multiplayer mode and can immerse himself in sports gameplay experience. There are arcade style-themed courses available with beautiful holes focused on classic games like Skee Ball, Air Hockey, Pinball and more. It has up to nine holes and offers challenging layout and a set of obstacles. The game features up to six different power-ups such as Fire, Ice, Clast, Weight, Jump and more. The primary task is to hit the ball and efforts to put it into the hole within strikes while collecting power-ups to enhance his abilities. The game becomes challenging, as the player progress. MiniGolf Mania offers core features such as Hand-Crafted Courses, Nine Challenging Holes, Six Power-ups and more. With incredible gameplay, excellent mechanics, and addictive visuals, MiniGolf Mania is the best game to play and enjoy.

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MiniGolf Mania

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